Sitemap - 2023 - The Third Way by FosterThinking

EOY and Onward!

Manologue #6

3D Conversation: Social Justice

There Will Always Be Shadows

The Id of Ideology

Manologue #5

Wearing Moccasins

3D Conversation: Masculinity

Manologue #4

Why I Left Root + River

3D Conversation: Enlightening Leaders


Monologue #3

3D Conversation: Consciousness + Entrepreneurism

Business & Non-Dualism

Manologue #2

3D Conversation: Behavioral Assessments

From Where I'm Sitting

A Theology of Wholeness

Picking Up the Tempo

3D Conversation: Neurodivergence in the Workplace

Episode 112: Yemi Penn

Not All Opinions are Equal

Episode 111: Monica Hopkins

Episode 110: Jason Kyle

How to Make White People Uncomfortable

Episode 109: Sonal Soveni

Making Your Nut

Episode 108: Ruoyun Xu Killian

Episode 107: Jake Merriman

Missing the Mark

Episode 106: Sujan Ali

Humans, Right?

Episode 105: Hannah Gongola


Episode 104: Dr. Kate Pate

Dancing with Our Monsters

Episode 103: Beverly Biehl

5 Ideas That Would Transform America

Episode 102: Melia Dunn

Dancing with Anxiety

Episode 101: Vanessa Reiser

The Space Between

Episode 100 (guest hosted by Virginia Lacayo)

Episode 99: Courtney Feider

The Truth?

Episode 98: Cameron Foster

Fixing Justin

Episode 97: Naomi Seifter

Episode 96: Don Reiman

Why We Doubt

Episode 95: Jupiter Jones

How to Resurrect Time

Episode 94: Daniel Singer

Episode 93: Emily Romano

We are all Storytellers.

Episode 92: Ashley Connell

Shame on Me.

Episode 91: Thea Wood

Me at my BEST

Episode 90: Douglas Ferguson

Make the World React to You

Join me on Notes

Episode 89: Danielle Grant

Let Only Love Remain

Episode 88: Luke Bricker

Power Trip

Episode 87: Denise Malkoon

Episode 86: Fereshta Ramsey

The Opposite of Creativity

Episode 85: Mark Gladman

Skills for This Life

Episode 84: Rose Fass

Changing My Mind

Helena Summer

Episode 82: Joseph Mach

The Most Elusive Spiritual Practice

Episode 81: Eli Harwood

The Erotic Life

Episode 80: Gareth Gwyn

Universal Basic Consciousness

Episode 79: Chad Thomas

Episode 78: Ari Honarvar

Which Story are You Living?

Episode 77: Allison Crow

Episode 76: Caden Foster

Love Never Intimidates.

Finding the Baseline