Aug 17 • 44M

Episode 106: Sujan Ali

Healing Through Grief

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Justin Foster
The Third Way is a podcast hosted by Justin Foster, brand coach, consciousness leader and poet. Each week, he introduces listeners to a new Third Way Thinker where they talk through a topic and both answer a set of three questions - all designed to challenge binary thinking, absolutism and dogma.
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If I were to choose the emotion that is most difficult for Americans (especially white people) to process it is grief. However, as Francis Weller so beautifully said, “Grief and love are sisters, woven together from the beginning. Their kinship reminds us that there is no love that does not contain loss and no loss that is not a reminder of the love we carry for what we once held close.”

In that spirit, I invited Sujan Ali to be on my podcast to talk about grief, art, and healing. Based in Canada, Sujan is a certified grief coach, a grief support facilitator, and poet.

Together, we both answered the following:

1) What is the difference between grief and sadness/sorrow?

2) How has social conditioning influenced how we experience grief?

3) What are some effective ways to accept and process grief?


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