The Third Way by Justin Foster
The Third Way Podcast, hosted by Justin Foster
Episode 105: Hannah Gongola

Episode 105: Hannah Gongola

Regenerative Farming

I believe that the closer you are to where your food comes from, the closer you are to your soul. I’m also a vocal advocate for ethical hunting and sustainable agriculture - both as vehicles for being good stewards of the planet and for self-sustainability.

This is why I was excited to have a fellow omnivore on my podcast! Hannah Gongola is the founder of H2Grow, a regenerative farm located outside of Austin, TX. Her mission is to reconnect people to their food. She lives out this mission with farm stands, social media advocacy of regenerative farming, classes, workshops, farmstays, and a full immersive experience in the form of volunteering.

In addition to hearing Hannah’s fascinating (and unexpected!) backstory, she and I both answered the following:

  • What are the spiritual benefits of regenerative farming/growing?

  • If someone is a complete novice, where should they start?

  • What legislation would you pass to support regenerative farming? 


H2Grow website



The Third Way by Justin Foster
The Third Way Podcast, hosted by Justin Foster
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