Apr 20 • 35M

Episode 89: Danielle Grant

Self Love

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Justin Foster
The Third Way is a podcast hosted by Justin Foster, brand coach, consciousness leader and poet. Each week, he introduces listeners to a new Third Way Thinker where they talk through a topic and both answer a set of three questions - all designed to challenge binary thinking, absolutism and dogma.
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Danielle Grant is a multi-dimensional spiritual guide who brings a variety of frameworks and resources to help people re-discover their soul and True Self. Danielle is also the creator of an excellent prompted journaling tool, The Journal Playbook.

For this episode, I wanted to focus on an often misunderstood topic: Self Love.

Danielle and I both answered these questions:

  • How do we discern between self love and self absorption (narcissism)?

  • How do we balance acceptance of flaws and commitment to growth?

  • What are some starting points for a self love practice?


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