Welcome to the Third Way

I launched The Third Way in January 2020 to promote non-dualistic thinking in leadership, entrepreneurship, and spirituality. Paid subscribers receive an essay each week based on my real-life experiences and inner work. These essays take complex ideas and concepts and share them in a way that feels personal and relevant to the reader.

Free and paid subscribers have access to a weekly podcast episode where I visit with other Third Way thinkers on a wide range of topics, with a unique format where we both answer three questions related to the topic. We cover spirituality, religion, relationships, consciousness, social conditioning, mental health, and much more.

Warning label: my content is often offensive to extremists- especially ideological and theological extremists.

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Weekly essays based on my experiences, inner work, and epiphanies as well weekly podcast episodes with other Third Way thinkers. All covering non-dualism, consciousness, spirituality, and most of all, curiosity.


Co-Founder of Massive, a coaching practice dedicated to supporting business leaders called to take on systemic change. Promoter of poetry, provocative language and non-dualism in life and business.