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I have launched The Third Way to promote non-dualistic thinking in leadership and entrepreneurship. In support of this endeavor, subscribers will receive weekly content, practical tools for practicing non-dualism, a private podcast with Third Way thinkers that I know and more.


Weekly content - Every Monday, you will receive an essay in your inbox covering a topic related to non-dualism in leadership and/or mystical leadership. This content is exclusive to subscribers.

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Monthly mastermind call - Once a month, I will host a mastermind call for all Third Way members. The format will be a selected topic, Q & A/discussion - and possibly a guest.

Why isn’t your stuff free, Justin?

Between my social feeds, Root + River blog, and FosterThinking blog, I produce a lot of free content. Subscribing allows you to receive inspiration, insight, agitation and provocation that otherwise would only be available via coaching.