Apr 27 • 31M

Episode 90: Douglas Ferguson

All things AI

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Justin Foster
The Third Way is a podcast hosted by Justin Foster, brand coach, consciousness leader and poet. Each week, he introduces listeners to a new Third Way Thinker where they talk through a topic and both answer a set of three questions - all designed to challenge binary thinking, absolutism and dogma.
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Douglas Ferguson is the CEO and founder of Voltage Control, a firm that develops and certifies independent and internal facilitators. I’ve known Douglas for about 8 years. He is one of the most multi-dimensional leaders I know - insatiability curious, intensely compassionate, a perpetual student of life, society, and innovation.

Like many guests on the show, he and I could have talked about a lot of different things but settled on AI. We both answered the following questions:

  • Is AI a threat to your industry or business model?

  • How can AI be used as an innovation/growth tool?

  • What are you most optimistic about related to AI?


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Douglas’ book (free if you have Kindle Unlimited!)

The Byron Reece book I mentioned

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