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The Third Way Podcast, hosted by Justin Foster
Episode 91: Thea Wood

Episode 91: Thea Wood

Women and the Music Business

As the founder of the Herizon Music Foundation, Thea Wood is a dynamic force and a powerful voice for women in the music business. Thea and her foundation are taking on gender disparity in the music business by creating a platform for promoting female artists as well as bringing advocacy and awareness.

In our discussion, Thea and I both answered the following:

  • Why is misogyny still have such a presence in the music business?

  • What are some social conditionings/biases that impact women artists the most?

  • Who are some current women artists that you’d love to see have a big stage moment?

Thea’s Recommended Artists

Amethyst Jonquille

The Tiarras

Karina Rykman

My Recommended Artists

Nat Price

Kaitlin Butts

Lori McKenna

If you would like to highlight a woman artists, please mention her and post a link in the comments.

Thea’s Links

Herizon Music Foundation



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The Third Way by Justin Foster
The Third Way Podcast, hosted by Justin Foster
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