Sep 7 • 45M

Episode 109: Sonal Soveni

Transformational Healing of Art

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Justin Foster
The Third Way is a podcast hosted by Justin Foster, brand coach, consciousness leader and poet. Each week, he introduces listeners to a new Third Way Thinker where they talk through a topic and both answer a set of three questions - all designed to challenge binary thinking, absolutism and dogma.
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Like many of my guests (and my friends), Sonal Soveni is multi-dimensional in both soul and skills. Sonal is an entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, and filmmaker. She is also the Chief Muse and founder of The Table & Gallery, an innovative, multi-sensory atmosphere that promotes a collective experience through food, film, art, music, and books located in New Haven, CT.

As with all conversations about art and healing, our visit took a circuitous route through the topic of "Transformational Healing & Art". We both answered the following questions:

  • Is art a spiritual practice?

  • What is the correlation between immersive sensorial experiences and psychological and spiritual healing?

  • What is the difference between a sensorial experience and just being entertained? 


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