Sitemap - 2021 - The Third Way by Justin Foster

10 Considerations for 2022

The Fallacy of Safety

Believing in Love

Episode 29: Lilly Sparks

Clean Livin'

2022 Personal Retreat Flow

Episode 28: Drew Myers

The Gift of Gathering

Intention Becomes Attention

Episode 27: Victoria Janka

Consciousness Does Not Heal Trauma

Energy is Reality.

Episode 26: David Hayward

Cabinet of Curiosities

Episode 25: Natalie Price

Still Learnin' to be Human

Episode 24: Bijou Finney

Over-Thinking Thinking

Episode 23: Donald Christian

Something New, Something Old

Episode 22: Tac Anderson

Practice Makes More Practice

Coping vs Centering

Episode 21: Brice Sloan

Peace Dividend

12 Negative Enumerations for Being

Episode 20: Kelly Campbell

ADHD: A Natural Third Way

Episode 19: Sandy Parker

Why I'm a Feminist

Episode 18: Victoria Montemayor

New Thoughts on the Ego

Episode 17: Stephen Hager

Going There.

Episode 16: Julianna Bootsman

The Big 6 Feelings

Episode 15: Shelby Stephens

LOVE: The ego's biggest threat

Episode 14: Veronica Lillo-Roith

Thinking with the Heart

Growing Your Own

Episode 13: Monica Paredes

Becoming a (Superior) Man

Episode 12: Tim Milburn

The Anxiety-Industrial Complex

Mid-Year Newsletter

The Soul Does Not Fear

Episode 11: Amber Setter

The Land of the Poets

The Courage to Quit

Mindfulness is a Survival Skill

Episode 10: Liz Feezor

Leveling Up Your Tools

Episode 9: Alan Prushan

What's on the other side of trauma?

Episode 8: Jodi Beaubien

Eyes on the Horizon

The Requirements of a Calling

Episode 7: Phillip Holmes

The Anatomy of an Awakening

Thoughts on Abundance

Episode 6: Tanya Pavan

My visits with Jolly Co-Founder, Shelby Stephens

Bring the Right Container

Focus on the Art

Episode 5: Bryce Hoffman

Perennial Questions

Episode 4: Andy Erickson

Two Point Stance

My visit with Angela Hollowell

So You're a Branding Guy?

Saturday Nuggets

Bypassing Unity

GUIDE: Setting & Holding Boundaries

The Next Right Move

All Systems Fail

Episode 2: Conversation with Samantha Thomas

The Real Enemy

Mystical Leadership Credo

My Visit with Luke Bricker

Inner Critique vs Inner Critic

Always Something to Work On

Episode #1: Conversation with Rachael Holman

Holding the Line

Grow where you're planted?

GUIDE: Living from Your Core Self

Striving vs Receiving

Inviting Simplicity