Oct 23, 2021 • 22M

Episode 25: Natalie Price

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Justin Foster
The Third Way is a podcast hosted by Justin Foster, co-founder of Massive, philosopher, and creative. Justin challenges dualistic thinking across all areas of life and business. His 3D Conversations are deep-dives into a particular topic with an expert guest. His Manologues are solo stream of consciousness episodes where Justin shares recent epiphanies, challenges, or ideas he's been wrestling with.
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In the sea of talent that is the Texas music scene, Natalie Price shines brightly with the aura that only people who are following their mission emit. I believe all true artists are Third Way Thinkers - a useful mindset when you are trying to make art. And make a living with your art.

“Music underscores the existence of God.”

All of this is why I was so excited to have a visit with Natalie. On the threshold of the release of her new album, Natalie and I visited about:

  • Finding your voice (literally and physically) as an artist.

  • How the inspiration of our creative influences evolve.

  • How creating from the soul makes enduring art.

  • Natalie’s songwriting process.

  • The role of emotions and conditions in the creative process

Natalie’s Website (where you can also buy her music directly)

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