Nov 28, 2021 • 19M

Episode 28: Drew Myers

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Justin Foster
The Third Way is a podcast hosted by Justin Foster, co-founder of Massive, philosopher, and creative. Justin challenges dualistic thinking across all areas of life and business. His 3D Conversations are deep-dives into a particular topic with an expert guest. His Manologues are solo stream of consciousness episodes where Justin shares recent epiphanies, challenges, or ideas he's been wrestling with.
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Drew and I connected a few years ago. In fact, it was on his podcast where I first shared publicly about my faith journey. Drew is a sought-after public speaker, published author and a fellow promoter of Texas country. He is one of my favorite enlightened Texans so it was extra special to have him on my podcast!

During our visit, we chatted about …

  • Being both content and challenged.

  • Our mutual fear of being irrelevant.

  • Running with fear, not from it.

  • Drew’s journey as a writer and thought-leader.

  • Drew’s laser focus on his brand and message.

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Drew’s Book, “The Tacos and Chocolate Diet”