I love this essay! (as much as the previous ones), and I do have a couple of fo comments to share with you. I think it is a great reflection of two different mindsets and it made me realized how exhausting and frustrating is to be in a thriving mindset all the time. Part of me resists the idea of being in a receiving mindset all the time because it still feels very passive (like waiting for a signal or the blueprint from God to start working on something AND is not really you won project or idea, in the best scenario is a co-created one), so what does one does with dreams and ideas that seem "impossible" will just "come to you" without you making them happen. My other question would be: If we want to balance our mindsets better and be more in a receiving mode more often, what would you suggest (maybe a tip or exercise) that will help up develop that skill in your professional life (harder than in the personal realm I think)? Especially if we are entrepreneurs and we are trained to think that "if you want something, you have to plan for it and make it happen". Thanks!

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Thank you, Virginia! Two excellent questions!

For the first question, I suggest setting aside specific time for using your creative mind, your imagination - what I call "What if ..." time. In terms of receiving, this is the ancient practice of receiving inspiration. As ideas come to you, I suggest capturing them and then ask yourself three questions on each idea: 1) Does this fit my strategy? 2) What does my soul say about it? 3) What do I need to let go of to make this happen? The combination of exercising your creative mind with an ideation practice and having an attention/focus filter in place will help you find the moderation between striving and receiving.

For the second question ... I believe it requires more than a bit of mysticism to be an entrepreneur. This means allowing the unknown to exist without too much fear about it. It also means giving consistent attention to your root system (mission, vision, core beliefs) so that it will help you re-direct and prioritize your energy to what matters. A strong root system will also allow you to move more effortlessly between professional and personal.

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Thank you so much for your answer, very helpful! I love the 3 questions you suggest we ask ourselves regarding potential ideas!

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