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Episode 67: Tracy Winter
Episode 67: Tracy Winter
Neurodiversity & Leadership

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Every time I have a guest on the podcast, I think, “Damn. I know a lot of smart people!” Such is the case with my great friend Tracy Winter, Ph.D. After working in a variety of fields and industries, Tracy became a self-proclaimed, brilliantly named “Nerd Coach”. She works with neurodiverse leaders - most often in large organizations like Tesla.

The topic of our visit was “Neurodiversity and Leadership” - with an emphasis on ADHD. Tracy and I both answered these questions:

  • How do ADHDers lead differently than neurotypical leaders?

  • What are some of the challenges that ADHDers face as leaders? (Extrinsically, intrinsically and systemically)

  • What can we do to better prepare younger ADHDers to become leaders? 

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The Third Way by FosterThinking

The Third Way Podcast, hosted by Justin Foster

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