May 28, 2022 • 32M

Episode 49: Barbara Mutedzi

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Justin Foster
The Third Way is a podcast hosted by Justin Foster, brand coach, consciousness leader and poet. Each week, he introduces listeners to a new Third Way Thinker where they talk through a topic and both answer a set of three questions - all designed to challenge binary thinking, absolutism and dogma.
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Consciousness in business is a growing community that I’m proud to be a part of. In fact, I’m one of the founding members of Consciousness Leaders, a consortium of business consciousness experts. I met Barbara through Sarah Hawley, a member of this consortium and an upcoming podcast guest. Barbara and I were on a panel together and I was intrigued by her optimistic spirit and thoughtful responses. Our conversation on this episode confirmed both of those and more!

The topic for our conversation was diversity and consciousness. We both answered these three questions:

  1. What is the connection between the level of consciousness and breadth/depth of diversity in an organization?

  2. What are some myths and misunderstandings about DEI initiatives?

  3. What mistakes do you see diversity advocates/experts making?

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