Episode 86: Fereshta RamseyListen now (43 min) | Jumping In Heart First
Rick Rubin currently holds the top slot on my list of famous people I’d like to hang with for a day. We speak a similar language regarding creativity…
Episode 85: Mark GladmanAscolta ora (51 min) | Topic: Re-Branding Jesus
The zombies from “Last Of Us” On a recent drive to parkour practice, my teenage son, Andre, and I discussed the top 5 skills required in the event of a…
Episode 84: Rose FassListen now (40 min) | The Leadership Conversation
I feel a new level of consciousness emerging in me. At every level of consciousness, something changes. The soul is evolutionary. It does not fear…
Helena SummerListen now (37 min) | The Skill of Romance
Episode 82: Joseph MachListen now (27 min) | Inner Work + Art
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